Friday, April 1, 2011

See Ya, March! (Sneak Peak Included)

March was a pretty slow month for me, wedding wise. I made our ring bearer pillow and picked out the flower girl dress, but that's about it.

Now.. April is a whole different beast. My April (and going into May) is JAM PACKED! Here's what is going to get accomplished this month in my life in no particular order:

  • I'm working my first wedding at my internship this Saturday (12:30-Midnight)!
  • I work at the office of my internship once a week during the week. I can pick and choose the weekends I work weddings, but this month I'm only working the one this weekend.. you'll see why.
  • Our engagement pictures are a week from Sunday (the 10th) so expect to see some pictures about two weeks after that. (Also.. please cross your fingers that the shirt I ordered to wear will be here in time!) This is about a 2 1/2 hour drive both ways.
  • April 17th- We have our first marriage counseling class back in our hometown (hello 90min drive both ways!)
  • We're going to finish up the last few of our save the dates this month and get those puppies out into the world.
  • April 24th is Easter and we have to make ANOTHER 90min (both ways) trip to spend Easter with Derrick's family.
  • We're going to finish up our wedding website (I'm waiting on our engagement pics to use).
  • We're actually going to start working on some of the invitation assembly (the design was mostly finished yesterday and it's inspired from Mrs Meerkat on Weddingbee.)
  • The bridesmaids dress measurements are due this month (today to be exact, lol.)
  • My dress SHOULD be finished this month (or early next month).
  • I'm talking with a florist to get some price quotes as well.
Not to mention, there is other little life stuff this month that is going on. Ahh.. busy busy and I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out. Not to mention, our lease is up in June and we have to start finding another place to live (we're waiting a year to start building our house due to time restraints) and we'll need to start packing (we have a TON of stuff).

Stay tuned, my blog will probably be popping this month!

And because no one likes to read a blog post without pictures (LOL!).. Here is a SNEAK PEAK at our invitation design:

{Personal Picture}

LOL.. Sorry, it's like a quarter part of a piece of it  and it's missing a big piece that hasn't been added yet. BUT.. you'll get to see these beauties after they get kicked out of the nest (probably sometime in September!)


  1. On the one hand I love a good wedding check list because it gives me something to do, but on the other hand...

    Hello from WB! I'll be following your journey!

  2. I have to wait till September? WAAAAAH!!! I'm intrigued by the snippet. April is going to be a crazy busy month for you. It's getting exciting! I'm looking forward to your engagement pics. It's so cool that you guys are building your house. Wicked awesome!