Friday, December 31, 2010

Photography Logo: Which One?

I truly appreciate all the comments and well wishes on my photography business.

Now, I'm torn between two logos and could really use some opinions..



Thanks for any help/opinions!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

DIY or No? Help please!

If you all remember my custom hand painted shoe post from yesterday, I talked about how I sketched out the design for my shoes to have custom painted.

Well, after talking to the bride who already had hers done by a friend, she told me he used sharpie paint markers and several layers of protective spray to waterproof them. She mentioned that if she had any artistic bone in her body, she would have done them herself.

So.. my question is, you've seen a rough example of my artwork.. should I attempt to paint my shoes myself or should I hire the lady on etsy and pay her $65 to paint them for me? She's never painted shoes before either and she's wanting me to send payment in the mail, not paypal, which makes me feel a little uneasy.

What do you think.. DIY or no?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Shoes: A Work Of Art!

Have any of you even seen figgie shoes?

They are totally awesome and unique and so personalized. But, on the flip side to that.. they are EXPENSIVE.

But, on a different wedding blog I am a member of, I saw a girl that had shoes done by an artist that had things that were personal to her. Here are how hers turned out:

Awesome, right?!

I'm a pretty decent artist, I can draw and I can take great photos, but I don't know how well I would do painting a shoe. So.. that led me to etsy (of course). I found a lady who will be hand painting my designs onto a pair of shoes and putting several protective layers on them to protect the designs.

The plan is to wear them for the ceremony and then put them in a shadow box where people can read what each thing on the shoes means...which means I'll also have it for display after the wedding (I love shoes). So.. it would look something like this:

So, I started out with a pair of white heels that I ordered.. these, to be exact:

Then, I came up with a list of things that mean something to me or my fiance (and our relationship) and came up with designs for each thing. Then.. I started my sketches and 5 hours later, my sketches were complete!

Now, please remember I'm not the best artist, but.. these are how I'm going to have to shoes done and it's going to be my artwork which makes me so excited! (Please excuse the pics that came out kinda blurry.. it's hard to get a camera to focus properly when it's nothing but pencil!) Also.. prepare yourself for a TON of photos! (I'll also add what each thing means!)

Inside of the left shoe. A lily- my fav flower. A sign for Chicago- Our first trip together was there and I put things to look like wind around it. Snowflakes- We got engaged in January (snowy). Paint and paint brushes- I'm an artist. Polka dots on the heels- My wedding dress is polka dotted.

Close up.

The heel.

Toe area.

Outside of the right shoe. Bowling ball and pins- We love to bowl together. November 12th 2011- Our wedding date. Camera- I'm a photographer. Stars- I LOVE stars. Again..polka dots on the heel bc it's on my dress.

Close up.


Toe area.

Outside of the left shoe. Waves splashing with the Hawaii state flower- we are honeymooning in Hawaii. TLA with a hear- TLA stands for True Love Always and it's from our favorite TV show, One Tree Hill. Names- Our married name! Music notes- I'm very big into music, but it's mainly for my mom who passed away when I was 2, she loved music and played the piano and trumpet. The rose is also in honor of my mom, it was her favorite flower.

Close Up


Toe area.

Inside of the right shoe. Popcorn, movie reel, movie tickets- We LOVE going to the movies and also watching movies at home cuddled on the couch. The IU symbol bc it's where Derrick graduated and it's also in the same city as our first apt together. Football- Derrick LOVES football and he also worked for the IU football team. New Orleans Saints symbol- His favorite football team, he also has a friend that plays for them. Baltimore Ravens symbol, Derrick did an internship with them. Dumbell- we love going to the gym together and Derrick is really into weightlifting and bodybuilding. Cincinnati Reds symbol- his favorite baseball team. And the baseball bat and baseball bc he played in high school. Then there is also a recipe for a White Russian in memory of his grandpa that passed away.

Close up.


Toe area.

What do you all think so far?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photography Logo!

I want to introduce you all to my photography logo!!

Isn't it beautiful!?

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Work In Progress!

Sorry my updates have been scarce lately. I pretty much have the wedding all planned and I'm just waiting for things to start happening to update about.

Not to mention, I've taken a small break from planning and diy-ing lately because I have something else going on.

Want to know what it is? I'm sure you do!

My fiance bought me a lovely Christmas present this year!

I'd like to introduce you all to the new member of the family:

My Nikon d300s!!! He got me the camera body, 2 lenses, a camera bag, 2 batteries and some other goodies.

I've worked in photography a lot (I've done pictures for school yearbooks, prom, dances, spring pics, seniors, church directories, families, babies, children, etc). I even did a brief internship with a wedding photographer before Derrick and I ended up moving.  I've been wanting to start my own photography business for a long time now and a few years ago, my professional camera was stolen and I haven't been able to afford one. So.. my fiance surprised me with this bad boy and I've thrown myself into planning my business.

I've gotten some props ordered and I have 4 (yes FOUR) sessions booked for 3 weeks from this coming Wednesday! I'm so incredibly excited to get started and I'll make sure I update and show you all some of my work as I get it going.

But have no fear.. I'll still be updating alot about the wedding. I have a project going on now and I can't wait till it is finished and I can share it with you all. NO ONE knows about it but me.. so, keep a look out for that one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wedding Dress Decisions! Help!

So, I thought I was good to go with my dress.. until I found this polka dotted baby.

*HEAD EXPLODES* How cute is this dress? I mean, seriously?

So now I'm wondering if I should change my dress and get this one. The lady who already agreed to make my dress has actually made a similar dress to this before and it is BEAUTIFUL. She can make mine and make if floor length (because tea length and November probably don't go too well together) AND put a dark brown sash around the waist.

This picture came from wedding bee from Theresa90405 by Arenyth.

Also, should I leave this dress strapless, add a one shoulder strap or add halter straps? I'm bigger chested, too, so I don't know if that would make a difference or not.

So.. should I scrap my original plans .. this dress (just with a one shoulder strap added):

Or should I go with the polka dotted beauty?!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Etsy Experience!

I don't know if you'd call it my FIRST etsy experience, I have purchased my custom made wedding gown from etsy, butttt.. since it's not paid for yet and/or in my hands, I'm not saying it's my first.

I also ordered a custom made bracelet for the wedding and the lady is making matching earrings for me as a wedding gift, but they wont be here until the first week of January and I ordered those AFTER I ordered what I'm about to share with you.

Yes... I did go photo crazy, but trust me.. it's worth it. Follow with me, if you will, on the journey of my first etsy experience.

I ordered these soy handmade candles for my future mother in law and also my two sisters. When they arrived today, they even arrived with a free gift for me! WOO! (I do, however, want to be greedy and keep one of these candles for myself since they are so awesome.. but I can't, I'll just order one for myself later).

Anywho.. the boxes arrived today from USPS. (There were two boxes, but I tore the first one open and the damage I did to the box wasn't pretty, so I just took a picture of one of them).

When the box was first opened.

What's in the box?!

Everything taken out of the boxes. See that cute little green box with the peppermint on it, that's my free gift!

Inside the green box- my free gift!

Peppermint whipped votives!! They smell like the real deal!



Now onto the gifts, here are the hot chocolate mug candles I ordered (each in a different color mug) once they were taken out of bubble wrap.

Cute tie that was used on the gift wrap.

What was inside the gift wrap (light blue mug)! (Yes, I opened one!)

With the lid taken off, I just had to smell it!! Don't worry, I'll put the lid and gift wrap back on before I give it to my sister for Christmas.

Close Up! It smells like the real deal!

Here's the green mug!

And the red mug!

The etsy shop owner was so sweet to deal with and has all kinds of awesome candles in her shop! If you want something like this, I highly recommend her... B & B Candles !

As for my first etsy experience.. I give it an A+++

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sand Ceremony Frame

I received our frame for our sand ceremony in the mail back in September.
It is soo pretty, it's an umbra ether frame in espresso and has different panes of glass to create a layering look with photos. We plan on removing one of the frames (it has a design on it) and putting one of our engagement pictures on the front pane of glass while glueing in 2 of the other panes of glass in place as a spot to pour in sand securely. The nice thing about this frame is that it actually has a top piece what pulls out making it very easy to pour the sand in.

Since it's different panes of glass, we can change the picture all we want without disturbing the glass and we plan on replacing the engagement picture and putting in a wedding picture after the wedding.