Thursday, December 2, 2010

Couch to 5K- Day 1

I meant to start my first day earlier this week, but I got about 6 mins into it and couldn't finish. I've been battling a bad sinus infection and I just couldn't breathe at all. So, I attempted to start again today since I'm feeling a LITTLE bit better.

It was rough and my calves were on fire... but, I finished it!! No pain, no gain, right?!

Yesterday, Derrick and I went out on a hunt for some new running shoes (well, running shoes for me, work shoes for him) since the running shoes I have now are like 4-5 years old (LOL! oops!). Shoe Carnival was having a buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale AND I had a $5 off that's where we headed.

About a little over an hour later (HA! I'm severly indecisive!) and texting about 6 or 7 people (I needed their opinions) and drivng my fiance absolutely nutty looking at all the different shoes and going back and forth between two pair.. I walked out with these babies:

They are even more beautiful in person and they make my feet smile!


  1. Yay for new running shoes! I asked for these babies for Christmas
    I'm pretty sure they are more for walking which is right up my alley :)

  2. I did the couch to 5k for a while this summer, and it was terrific! I hate running, but it got me running two miles at a time, and under twenty minutes! I've fallen a bit out of it, but it was terrific while it worked. And running shoes are the most important thing to have to be a good runner-- enjoy and good luck!

  3. Hey Danielle! I saw your link to your blog on WB and it seems like we have similiar blogs and taste (weddings/weight loss!). I look forward to checking out your blog (I know for me comments are like crack, and its nice to know people are actually reading!) and hope you'll check out mine too!

  4. Good luck on the Couch to 5K! A new pair of shoes is great motivation--so cute!

  5. Thanks for all the support, ladies!!! =D