Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sand Ceremony Frame

I received our frame for our sand ceremony in the mail back in September.
It is soo pretty, it's an umbra ether frame in espresso and has different panes of glass to create a layering look with photos. We plan on removing one of the frames (it has a design on it) and putting one of our engagement pictures on the front pane of glass while glueing in 2 of the other panes of glass in place as a spot to pour in sand securely. The nice thing about this frame is that it actually has a top piece what pulls out making it very easy to pour the sand in.

Since it's different panes of glass, we can change the picture all we want without disturbing the glass and we plan on replacing the engagement picture and putting in a wedding picture after the wedding.


  1. That is really cool! Awesome idea!

  2. it sounds like a beautiful concept. good luck with the wedding planning!