Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dancing to Lose Weight?!

Everyone.. if you have a Kinect and you want to burn some extra calories in a fun way.. you HAVE to get "Dance Central"!
My FH bought it for me (along with a Kinect) as an early Christmas gift and I just played it today.. omg, you work up a sweat and it is SOOO fun! I was getting bored with doing the treadmill at home all the time and I get burned out on exercise dvd's, but.. I love to shake my booty, so I'm totally adding this in my exercise regime.

It even has a workout mode and you can put in your weight and it'll tell you how many calories you burn and in how much time when you "perform"! LOVE IT!

Just be aware that when it says to "freestyle" in the middle of the song, it records you and plays it back really quickly before the next part of the song comes on. I totally wasn't expecting that and I was caught picking my wedgie! LOL! Thank goodness I'm home alone right now!


  1. I was fraid of is as cool as I thought it was. Sigh. Might have to add something else to the xmas list.

  2. So tell me how Kinetic works. We have an it just like Wii?

  3. Miss Tattoo.. the Kinect is VERY similar to the wii, you just don't have to hold a controller. It basically has a camera/sensor in it that monitors your body to the game. It's really cool, I always enjoyed the wii, but sometimes I would get so into it that I'd almost throw the controller out of my hand.. it's nice to not have to hold anything.