Monday, December 20, 2010

My First Etsy Experience!

I don't know if you'd call it my FIRST etsy experience, I have purchased my custom made wedding gown from etsy, butttt.. since it's not paid for yet and/or in my hands, I'm not saying it's my first.

I also ordered a custom made bracelet for the wedding and the lady is making matching earrings for me as a wedding gift, but they wont be here until the first week of January and I ordered those AFTER I ordered what I'm about to share with you.

Yes... I did go photo crazy, but trust me.. it's worth it. Follow with me, if you will, on the journey of my first etsy experience.

I ordered these soy handmade candles for my future mother in law and also my two sisters. When they arrived today, they even arrived with a free gift for me! WOO! (I do, however, want to be greedy and keep one of these candles for myself since they are so awesome.. but I can't, I'll just order one for myself later).

Anywho.. the boxes arrived today from USPS. (There were two boxes, but I tore the first one open and the damage I did to the box wasn't pretty, so I just took a picture of one of them).

When the box was first opened.

What's in the box?!

Everything taken out of the boxes. See that cute little green box with the peppermint on it, that's my free gift!

Inside the green box- my free gift!

Peppermint whipped votives!! They smell like the real deal!



Now onto the gifts, here are the hot chocolate mug candles I ordered (each in a different color mug) once they were taken out of bubble wrap.

Cute tie that was used on the gift wrap.

What was inside the gift wrap (light blue mug)! (Yes, I opened one!)

With the lid taken off, I just had to smell it!! Don't worry, I'll put the lid and gift wrap back on before I give it to my sister for Christmas.

Close Up! It smells like the real deal!

Here's the green mug!

And the red mug!

The etsy shop owner was so sweet to deal with and has all kinds of awesome candles in her shop! If you want something like this, I highly recommend her... B & B Candles !

As for my first etsy experience.. I give it an A+++