Monday, May 23, 2011

My Photography Business Update!

I've been working on our wedding invitations the past week and a half and haven't gotten much other wedding stuff done. They aren't quite finished yet, so I can't make a post about them. As many of you know, I've recently started my own photography business and I've had quite a few shoots lately. So, in order to keep my bloggity blog going, I thought I'd share some of my favorites from some of my recent sessions with you all.  


This one was from a Prom session that I did.

First Communion shoot.

Day at the park shoot (this is actually my nephew!)

Another Day at the Park shoot (this is my niece!)

A wedding I shot a week ago.

Another one from the wedding.

First dance from the wedding.

A two year old shoot.

Isn't he adorable?

Such a ham.

From a family/one year old shoot. Such a cutie!

Family/One year old shoot.

I'm loving all my clients I've made so far and I'm actually booked the next month already! I have another 2 weddings to shoot, a family session, another first communion and a graduation!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RSVP Postcard

Last week I ordered some postcards from Vistaprint while they were having a sale. They were 11 cents per 100 plus the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, we needed 130 for our RSVP's, so I had to order 200. The sale was only good for the first 100 postcards, so I got sneaky and ordered 100 under my name and 100 under Derrick's name. They were suppose to arrive around May 30th, so imagine my surprise when there was two packages sitting in my mailbox yesterday!

Because of the sale, for the 200 postcards + shipping + image uploads/color, we ended up only spending about $28 on them and I'm super happy with the quality.

Here's the front of the postcard.

And the back (address blurred for privacy). I know it's hard to read the actual RSVP in the picture, but I posted the design before with the wording and it's easier to read in person than in a picture due to the flash.

I'm very happy with how they turned out and I can't wait to (hopefully) start getting some pretty good RSVP's back once we do send them out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Be Our Guest

A couple weeks ago I ordered our photo guest book from I had purchased $50 worth of photo album credits for $10 from (which is like groupon). So I only spent about $17 after a couple extra pages we added to the book + shipping when I originally would have spent close to $70!! Yay for savings!

Anyways, it came in the mail a few days ago and I did what any good blogger would do and took pics!

I didn't take a picture of the spine, but it has our names and wedding date. 

First up, the book cover:

First page (last name blurred for privacy)

I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for our guests to sign their names and leave messages for us. The book is a little larger than expected, but I still love it!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

6 Months!

Today makes it 6 months exactly until our wedding.

You want to know how I celebrated?

(Personal Photo- Please excuse the blurriness, I was still moving on the machine, lol.)

That's right, I headed to the gym and torched those 670 calories on the elliptical in an hour! Boo yah!!

Oh, I'm not done there, either... I'm about to start the 30 Day Shred here in a few mins and then later this evening I'm going back to the gym with the fiance to do some upper body strength training.

Oh yeah.. going to be feeling the burn today!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Going to Party Like It's My Birthday!

Because today is actually my 26th 18th birthday!!!!!

Yummy, right?

It's officially my last birthday before the wedding! AHH! Derrick bought me flowers and a card last night and tonight we're going out to dinner and a movie. I can't wait!!

I hope you have a fantabulous day as well and Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! I would give anything to be able to give my mom a hug, but I know she's smiling down from Heaven today!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Engagement Pictures!

I'm finally able to post our amazing engagement pictures! I'm so excited about these because we wanted a somewhat urban feel to most of them and our photographer delivered!

So, here they are.. well, some of them. ENJOY!

This alley started out smelling like laundry detergent and right before we were done, it started smelling like poo. Thankfully, our photographer didn't capture any pictures with a crinkled up nose and if she did, she didn't show me. LOL!

Oh, don't mind us, we're just making out in this alley.

I'm still upset with him that he didn't change his shoes! UGH!

This picture makes me laugh for some reason. It was so unbelievably windy that day and I had so many issues with my hair flying everywhere.

My attempt at the "serious face".

Oh, don't mind us again.. we're just going to kiss in this parking garage. lol!

See? He had to hold my hair down. I got quite a few pictures like this in different poses, but I think they are cute.

LOVE! My fiance is a BIG Cincinnati Reds fan so we had to get in a shot with the Great American Ballpark in the background.

All images are courtesy of Amanda Donaho Photography. She is seriously super sweet and I can't wait for her to photograph our wedding!