Monday, March 28, 2011

Flower Girl Dress Jackpot

I know I posted before about finding a flower girl dress at Target, but unfortunately.. it didn't fit. The biggest the dress is made in is a 5T and my little niece will be 5 in July. The dress fit her now, but it was a little tight and more than likely would be too small by November.

So.. last night I was buzzing around on etsy and I stopped and looked my seamstresses etsy shop just to see what she's been up to and I noticed that her daughter just opened a shop the beginning of this month. You know what she makes? FLOWER GIRL DRESSES!!

Not just any flower girl dresses, oh no.. she actually had a little miniature version of a polka dot dress. Seriously, look how cute this thing is:

{All images taken from her etsy shop.}

Cute, right?  So.. I'm going to be contacting her about making the flower girl dress but with smaller and more polka dots, a blue sash tied in a bow in the front but on the side, and also have a pool blue pettiskirt  for underneath the dress (not the purple that is pictured.) Ahh.. I'm so excited about finding this flower girl dress and I can't wait to put in the order in August or September (her turnaround time is about two weeks!) I'll definitely post pictures on here when it comes in!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Most Likely To Get Married"

I came up with the most excellent bridal shower theme today. I love things that are bright and colorful and I love the 80's.. so, as long as my sister who is throwing the bridal shower approves we are going to have an 80's themed bridal shower!! How fun, right?!

Seriously.. just look at these pictures (courtesy of JolieJolie Design).

Invite Outside:

Invite inside:

Pin the glove on Michael Jackson:


Yearbook/Slambook Station:


Polaroids for slambook:



Twinkie cake:

Candy bar:

Mixtape candy bags:

Looks totally awesome, right?! Anyone have any suggestions for superlatives and/or games to play?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Member of the Family!

Derrick and I are welcomed a new member to our family on Wednesday!!

Ladies and gents... I want you to meet the newest member of our family- FeFe!!

That's right, Derrick and I bought a new car on Monday and were able to pick it up on Wednesday evening. Those aren't pictures of our actual car, Derrick took it to work today so I can't go outside and take a picture.. but it looks EXACTLY like that except for the wheels. We actually got what they call the "sports appearance" wheels and they look like this:

 I absolutely LOVE it.. it has a moon roof, ambient lighting that can change colors, 6 speaker sound system, manual transmission, sync and sound, sirius radio, etc. It's a little Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback and let me tell you.. this sucker gets 38-40 MPG! HECK YES! That really helps out with gas especially when we have to travel 1 1/2-2 hrs to where our wedding is going to be held nearly 2-3x a month from now until the wedding (seriously, we have to go back to our hometown EVERY weekend in April! AHH!) Not to mention, driving to my internship and back.. it's going to save us a buttload of gas moolah!

Here's a couple pictures of what the interior looks like (I'm not sure if the pictures show leather interior or not.. but we got the cloth interior, it still looks almost exactly like these pictures, though.)

I love love love it and so far it has been a wonderful edition to our family! LOL!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Just Love Me Some Target!

Yesterday while in Target looking for a birthday gift, I came across some dresses in the little girl section. I came across something so marvelous for only $14 that I had to snatch it right up.

This beauty:

Hmmm.. a dress for a flower girl?! Yes, please. Now.. it's not 100% perfect, but we will be making a few changes to it if we decide to keep it. First off, we plan on removing that bow in the front and then Derrick's aunt will be sewing on a blue sash that will be tied in a bow in the front, but to the side. Also, we plan on buying a pettiskirt/crinoline to put underneath the dress for some added poof.

We're going to be taking it this weekend to our hometown (we'll be there for my niece's birthday party) for my flowergirl to try on to make sure it has the right look and feel to it. Then, we'll either return it or we'll proceed to make the changes to it that I mentioned. Either way, you can't really beat $14! Thank you, Target!

Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Polka Dot Pillow

I decided that I was going to incorporate polka dots in a very subtle way so that it ties in with my wedding dress. So, I decided to make a polka dot ring bearer pillow.
This was a fairly inexpensive and easy project.

For my supplies, I bought a $10 plain white pillow (that had white ribbon and hears), a sheet of white glitter stiff felt, brown ribbon and my hot glue gun.

The $10 Wal-Mart pillow

I took off the ribbon:

I then took a milk jug cap and used it to trace circles on the felt and cut them out. Then, I hot glued all the circles on the pillow, glued on the brown ribbon and white bow with hearts. 


I love how it turned out!! What do you think?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Honeymoon: Part 1 Take 2

Thank you all for the comments left on my last post about the honeymoon. I know I said we were going to talk about Rome today.. but I'm saving that till tomorrow because we were torn between two apartments and one of them isn't available, so I'm waiting to hear back on the other one before I post.
So, why the "part 1 take 2" in the title? Well, I stumbled across another apartment I love in Paris with a killer view of the Notre Dame Cathedral and now I am torn. lol. 

So, I could really use your help. Do you think the one in the last post, or this new one (my fiance and I are kind of leaning towards this new one)?.. also, it's about $50 cheaper than the one from my last post.
Check it out:

Living room- has a double glazed window facing the courtyard. Also equipped with a dining table for two, wardrobe, single sofa bed, built in shelves, hard wood floor.

Kitchen- Fridge, dishwasher, ceramic hob, oven, coffee maker, kettle, toaster and all kitchen utensils. Built in shelves and hardwood floors.

Bedroom- Double glazed window facing courtyard, double bed, tv, decorative fireplace, built in shelves, hard wood floor.

Bathroom- Washbasin, shower, tiled floors, toilet

View- Heart of the Latin Quarter. The view you can see the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

So.. what's your opinions on this apartment vs the last one?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Honeymoon: Part 1

Derrick and I have 100% settled on our honeymoon locale! Originally we were going to do 10 days in Hawaii and island hope between Oahu and Maui, but after much deliberation we changed our minds. So, what are we doing for the honeymoon...

We're going to Paris and Rome for TWO weeks!! (November 29th - December 13th)

We added up everything that we wanted to do in Hawaii (including hotel, airfare, etc) and it will actually cost us a little bit less to go to Paris and Rome instead (maybe I should be a travel agent.. I found some killer deals, lol!)!

This first post is going to be dedicated to Paris, France. Oh how I'm so excited to go to the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, etc. It's the city of romance and love, after all.. how fitting for a honeymoon. We are actually going to rent an apartment for a week while there because it ends up being WAY cheaper than a hotel room and today we decided on the apartment. We hope to put the deposit down on it soon so we know for sure we have it. Here's some pics of the apartment:


Dining room/kitchen


Kitchen/Dining Room/Lounge

Dining Room



Downstairs /Bedroom


Awesome bedroom


Yeah, so.. it's not the biggest place, but we'll have a kitchen to cook in which saves some money. Not to mention, it's located in central Paris, so we'll be in the center of everything!!

It has 2 lounge armchairs, coffee table, bar seating for 2, terrace access in the living area. In the bedroom it has a double bed, easy chair and floorlamp. The bathroom has a shower and washbasin (as well as the toilet, lol). The kitchen has a complete set of kitchenware, electric cooker and oven, refrigerator, freezer, kettle, espresso machine, dishwasher and toaster. In addition to all that, the apartment has an electric heater, intercom, washing machine and dryer, ironing equipment, hairdryer, bed linens and towels, TV, wifi internet and phone landline.

Since we are going in November/December.. it's considered "low season" and we are getting an AWESOME discount on this apartment for the week. Not to mention, all of Paris is less touristy during this time of the year AND Paris is all decorated for the holidays so it is even MORE beautiful! Ahh! I'm so excited.

Oh.. and did I mention that during our week there we will also be taking a day trip. Where, you ask..


Soooooooo excited!! Tomorrow, we'll talk about Rome and our two options we have it narrowed down to for our apartment for the week. (I'll definitely need all your opinions on this one, lol!)