Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Most Likely To Get Married"

I came up with the most excellent bridal shower theme today. I love things that are bright and colorful and I love the 80's.. so, as long as my sister who is throwing the bridal shower approves we are going to have an 80's themed bridal shower!! How fun, right?!

Seriously.. just look at these pictures (courtesy of JolieJolie Design).

Invite Outside:

Invite inside:

Pin the glove on Michael Jackson:


Yearbook/Slambook Station:


Polaroids for slambook:



Twinkie cake:

Candy bar:

Mixtape candy bags:

Looks totally awesome, right?! Anyone have any suggestions for superlatives and/or games to play?


  1. I threw an 80's themed baby shower - I made chargers out of old vinyl records, replacing the record label with a pink circular label.
    We had so much fun!

  2. Love the 80s. For my 30th birthday in December my friend bought me a collection of 80s stuff. In that was the Rubiks cube think it came out in 1980 and to me the game twister and connect4 reminds me of the 80s and Madonna of course ;)

  3. This is a fantastic! What a great theme!

  4. Totally rad!!! It looks like a blast! Twinkie cakes? Yes please!