Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scratch That

If you all remember my post about my bridesmaids gifts (click here if you need to catch up) I talked about the robes I had bought for the bridesmaids to get ready in.

Well, scratch that. They arrived in the mail and I while I was impressed with the robes themselves, I was not impressed with the colors. Derrick and I went to the mall randomly one day and I decided to pop into Sears to see if they had a robe for myself (not even thinking about a different robe for my bridesmaids). Well, while I was in there I saw a robe I had saw on the website that I originally wanted but it was out of stock. There was 1 left and in my size just randomly hanging on the rack.

Perfect, right? It's pink (my favorite color) AND has polka dots! The best part.. it was originally $42 and it rang up for $14! But.. this didn't necessarily fit in with my other blue robes that I had for the bridesmaids and since I didn't really like them anyways.. I went on the lookout for a different robe for them and found these:

Hot pink robes and slippers! They are bright enough that my light pink and polka dots makes me stand out, but still pink enough that it flows together. So, I returned the ugly blue ones and I bought the hot pink ones.

Not only that, but these match so much better with my the robe I had bought for my flower girl:

Hers is  a little lighter so she stands out a little, too.

These beauties are sitting in my closet now and they look SO great together. I love them so much more than the two different blue color ones and it's a way for me to get some pink in my wedding without it actually being in the wedding, lol.


  1. those look great! Very girly and adorable, you're Bridesmaid's will love them! (I know I would!)

  2. Super cute! And something they will use over and over again!

  3. Very cute! You have lucky bridesmaids!

  4. Such cute robes! Those will look great together!