Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bridesmaids Gifts

I want to take a moment to talk about bridesmaids gifts. I'm very much so on a budget and wanted to give them stuff that would help them out price wise or that they may use again.

First off, I feel in love with hand painted wine glasses and decided to make my own. The wine glasses only cost me $1 each and each color of paint was only 97 cents! The brushes were about $3 and the ribbon was $2.50. I made one for myself in a script and my bridesmaids are in a funky letter. (There is one wine glass missing from the picture.. I added a bridesmaid later on and made her glass after these pictures were taken.)

4 out of 5 of the bridesmaids glasses:

My glass:

In addition to the glasses, I purchased brown Old Navy flip flops for them all when Old Navy was having their $1 sale. I figured this would be nice to give them as a gift so they can change into them at the reception if they would like. Not to mention, they can wear the flip flops after the wedding, too.

I also purchased the brooches to be attached to their dresses to help keep the costs down some on them:

I, just yesterday, purchased bath robes for them all, too. I'm not going to get them monogrammed or anything and really.. who doesn't love a normal bathrobes. Plus, I figured it would make for some great pictures of us all getting ready. These robes were normally $42 and I happened to catch them on sale for $10.49 and I got 15% off on top of that and then another 4% cash back through ebates. It ended up only costing me around $9 for each robe. The robes also come with matching slippers for the girls to wear, too! The only problem was, the color I wanted.. there were only 2 in stock and I have 5 bridesmaids. So, I found another robe from the same company that was just a little different and I decided to get all the same kind for the bridesmaids and then another kind for my maid of honor and matron of honor.

Here's the maid and matron of honors robe and matching slippers:

Here's the bridesmaids robes and matching slippers (slightly different blue, but I think it still works):

Then, I came across another robe for my little niece who is my flower girl. She'll be getting ready with us in the hotel room that morning, so I figured she needed a robe, too. I found a hello kitty one for only $5 but it's pink and doesn't really go.. but oh well, she LOVES Hello Kitty and I think it'll make her happy.

I plan on getting myself a robe to get ready in, too, but I haven't purchased it yet. I was thinking of getting a white one, but they get so dirty so easily.. so, I'm going to get a blue one with white polka dots. I haven't picked one out yet, but it'll look similar to these probably:

Lastly, I know you've all probably have seen the wire name hangers such as this:

But, instead of paying $20+ for each hanger, I decided to make a DIY project out of it. I purchased some cherry wooden hangers and some wire and I hope to finish them here within this next week. Mine with say "Mrs Weiler" and for my bridesmaids, I'm just going to make it their first names. It'll be cute to hang their dresses on.

I'm going to try to find a really cute tote back to put it all into to give to them. I'm so excited about their gifts and I hope they love them!


  1. Those wine glasses are so cute! I attempted to paint some but haven't finished yet. Your girls are getting really good gifts

  2. I love those wine glasses!

  3. I love the wine glasses! You've inspired me to actually try and tackle this project!

    PS- this is random, but I saw a dress that looks a lot like what you're going for...go to this link and scroll down til you see a polka dot short dress!

    LOVE IT! :-)

    Miss Puppy Love

  4. you're going to write their name in wire?? I can't wait to see how that comes out!! I may have to try that myself!!! Did you find any tutorials on it??