Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fist Pump Mania!

I've hinted at my bachelorette party in a previous post, I figured it was finally time to blog about it. My BFF is throwing me a bachelorette party getaway (that I so kindly named "Fist Pump Mania") and we decided to go to:


And we're hoping to stay at the Caesars Hotel while there:

Pretty, right?

The theme of the weekend there is pink and zebra print and we wanted to have at least one night out on the town dressed in the theme. Want to see my outfit? I know you do.. 

First Up.. the dress. This is just an inspiration picture of the dress, I'm going to be getting it made in my specifications. It will have a black top with cap sleeves, the white tulle bottom and a zebra print sash tied around it. I'm planning on pairing it with some pink chunky jewelry.

As for the shoes.. I've shown them to you earlier in a previous post, but here they are again. My $10 zebra print pumps.

And to finish out the look.. this lovely clutch from ToonDesign on Etsy that is only $12.00!

We're planning on going the last weekend of September (about a month and a half before the wedding). I'm so excited, I can't wait.

What are you guys doing for your bachelorette parties?


  1. Love that inspiration dress! I haven't even considered the parties yet.

  2. Hey! I live about 30 miinutes north of AC. If you want the scoop on some of the best clubs to go to let me know. It certainly will be an amazing time! :-)

  3. Those shoes are unfreakinbelievable. I LOVE THEM!