Monday, February 21, 2011

Engagement Inspiration

Derrick and I have our engagement session scheduled for April 10th with our photographer. I've been spending several weeks now trying to think of a location and a theme for the shoot and after SEVERAL google searches I have settled on one.

A carnival/fair them engagement shoot! I figured with the little touches of fun that we have included in the wedding (certain lights and my polka dot dress) having a carnival theme for the engagement session would mesh well.

Seriously, just look at these pictures:

Aren't they awesome!? The only problem is, I'm not quite sure that there are any fairs or carnivals in the area in April, lol. My photographer is going to try to find something or at least something that will work and hopefully we can get ones similar to this.

*Crosses fingers*


  1. love the pics! you'll find a perfect place for yours too :)

  2. An amusement park is an awesome idea for your engagement shoot. Are there any closed ones around? That might be fun too! Anything you do will be adorable, I am sure.

  3. Carnival and fair pictures are awesome! The lighting, colors, etc. Hope you guys find a place to get them done!