Friday, February 18, 2011

Cake Talk

I'm taking a break from house stuff (we're currently waiting on a quote from our contractor) and I decided to finally post about our cake tasting.

Now, I don't have pictures of the actual tasting because.. well, it would have been awkward, lol. Anyways, Derrick's great aunt does cakes professionally and has even worked with (it was a charity event) Buddy from the  Cake Boss (I won't tell you her real opinions on him.. lets just say, apparently he's not the nicest guy). She loves making wedding cakes esp for family and told us to contact her when we were ready to set up a tasting.

We did as she said one icy day (seriously.. we're talking INCHES of ice) and we drove 3 hours for a meeting with our caterer (more on that later) and a meeting with her. Now, lets get to the cake and the yumminess.

Here's the design we are going for (with some tweaks):

The differences will be that instead of the black ribbon, we will have dark brown with a thin band of crystrals going around each layer. We're also not having pink roses (at least I don't think so) and we're going to pick out the flowers and color of flowers we want (this is still up in the air.) It'll also have a W cake topper, as well. But other than that, this is the look of the cake we are going for.. We didn't want a super elegant cake since our wedding is going to be a little bit more funky.

Now, the tasting.. lets just say.. YUM! I have seriously NEVER tasted cake that tasted so good, I was amazed. It was so moist and so tasty and I seriously just wanted to plant my face into the cake and never leave. As for the flavors, we're having 4 tiers (like in the picture) and they are going to be pretty huge (we're talking the bottom layer is going to be 16 inches).. but we do have a guest list of around 250 right now. On the bottom layer, we're having regular white favor with a layer of filling.. but on half the cake there is going to be a thin line of Strawberry (I'm not a HUGE fan of strawberry, but when I tasted this.. I about died). The next layer up is chocolate with a fudge filling (YUM)! The next one is this new type of cake that she does that has been SUPER popular.. it's chocolate cake but has strawberry batter dropped into it so it almost tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry (a lot of people are excited about this!) and the top layer will be a marble cake. The whole cake will also be covered in buttercream icing (YUM! My fav).. I'm not a fondant person, AT ALL. lol.

But yeah, I'm super excited about this cake and now I seriously have dreams about awesome it tastes. 

Only 9 more months until we meet again, yummy cake.


  1. Sounds so fun! And I love your cake inspiration!!!

  2. That cake looks awesome! Isn't it great to have family that bakes?