Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Member of the Family!

Derrick and I are welcomed a new member to our family on Wednesday!!

Ladies and gents... I want you to meet the newest member of our family- FeFe!!

That's right, Derrick and I bought a new car on Monday and were able to pick it up on Wednesday evening. Those aren't pictures of our actual car, Derrick took it to work today so I can't go outside and take a picture.. but it looks EXACTLY like that except for the wheels. We actually got what they call the "sports appearance" wheels and they look like this:

 I absolutely LOVE it.. it has a moon roof, ambient lighting that can change colors, 6 speaker sound system, manual transmission, sync and sound, sirius radio, etc. It's a little Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback and let me tell you.. this sucker gets 38-40 MPG! HECK YES! That really helps out with gas especially when we have to travel 1 1/2-2 hrs to where our wedding is going to be held nearly 2-3x a month from now until the wedding (seriously, we have to go back to our hometown EVERY weekend in April! AHH!) Not to mention, driving to my internship and back.. it's going to save us a buttload of gas moolah!

Here's a couple pictures of what the interior looks like (I'm not sure if the pictures show leather interior or not.. but we got the cloth interior, it still looks almost exactly like these pictures, though.)

I love love love it and so far it has been a wonderful edition to our family! LOL!