Monday, March 28, 2011

Flower Girl Dress Jackpot

I know I posted before about finding a flower girl dress at Target, but unfortunately.. it didn't fit. The biggest the dress is made in is a 5T and my little niece will be 5 in July. The dress fit her now, but it was a little tight and more than likely would be too small by November.

So.. last night I was buzzing around on etsy and I stopped and looked my seamstresses etsy shop just to see what she's been up to and I noticed that her daughter just opened a shop the beginning of this month. You know what she makes? FLOWER GIRL DRESSES!!

Not just any flower girl dresses, oh no.. she actually had a little miniature version of a polka dot dress. Seriously, look how cute this thing is:

{All images taken from her etsy shop.}

Cute, right?  So.. I'm going to be contacting her about making the flower girl dress but with smaller and more polka dots, a blue sash tied in a bow in the front but on the side, and also have a pool blue pettiskirt  for underneath the dress (not the purple that is pictured.) Ahh.. I'm so excited about finding this flower girl dress and I can't wait to put in the order in August or September (her turnaround time is about two weeks!) I'll definitely post pictures on here when it comes in!


  1. Aww so cute. What you have in mind sounds amazing - smaller and more polka dots and i'm glad you're going for a coloured petticoat as it looks great with the purple but will look wow with blue.

  2. I have to go look at her shop! The problem with flower girls is that they keep growing. Goodness!

  3. I seriously want to know if she would make one in my size?!! That would probably be the most adorable bachelorette dress! Too cute.

  4. I <3 etsy! That dress is super cute!

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    @Ms. Lemon Puppy- The girl who makes this flower girl dress, her mom is making my wedding dress and it is polka dotted. She could totally make one in your size for a bachelorette dress! She has a tea length version for adults in her shop (She's making mine floor length but with more polka dots!) Her etsy shop is AtelierTami!

  6. Totally in love with this flower girl dress. The purple criny is so adorable.