Friday, April 8, 2011

Engagement Shoot Outfits

I've been stressing for WEEKS about what to wear for our engagement pictures that we have this coming Sunday. I originally wanted to have our pictures done at a carnival or fair, but as luck would have it.. there were none. So, I set out to find two outfits that I pretty much could wear anywhere.

First up, I found this sparkly tank top from Charlotte Russe:

I just love me some sparkles and this fits my personality PERFECTLY.

But, I wasn't about to just wear a tank top in our pictures.. oh no. So, I found a cute knit bolero/shrug to go with it at Old Navy:

 Just ignore the white shirt that it is shown with!

And of course, no engagement shoot isn't complete without at least a second outfit to change into.
So. I found this cute black jacket to wear:

The cool thing about this jacket, if you roll the sleeves up a little bit there are black and white polka dots! Umm.. yes, please!! That will go so great with my black and white polka dot flats that I own and will be wearing with this outfit! I also plan to wear a white cami underneath the jacket, too.

Both tops will be paired with regular jeans, as well. I couldn't find any pictures of the outfits my fiance is wearing, but you'll see them in a couple weeks. One is a button up striped shirt and the other one is a Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds jersey (you'll see what he chose this at a different date as well.).

Did you stress out about what outfit to wear for your engagement pictures?


  1. The jacket is rocking! Extra credit for the polka dots. I'm only just beginning to stress about the engagement pictures.