Friday, April 22, 2011

Kick Them Out of the Nest

I'm so going to watch them fly.

My save the dates, that is. I FINALLY finished making 130 envelopes, printing all the magnets and spraying them with protective spray, stuffing said envelopes and gluing on the wrap around labels. It was a pain in the butt, but I love them and now I plan on taking a nice break until I have to start working on printing and assembling our invites (and by nice break, I mean like.. one week. lol.)

OOoooo... what's in the pretty zebra box?

Oh nothing, just 130 save the dates chilling in there. (Notice that some of them aren't even sealed yet, lol. We're putting a wallet of one of our engagement pictures in some of them, so we have to wait to seal them.)

Front of the envelope (sorry about the blur of the address.) Also, the postage isn't on there yet because I'm very upset with USPS. I really wanted those "Celebrate" 44 cent stamps to put on these since they match so perfectly. Well, since these are magnets, it costs 64 cents to mail and the postal worker told us that we had to take these butterfly stamps, that do not match, if we wanted to mail them and wouldn't give us any other options. Totally rude.

Back of the envelope, again..sorry about the blur.

Our save the date magnet (excuse the blur, once again.. lol.) The colors really pop in person, but I had to take this picture with the flash off because it kept giving me a glare.

I can't wait to send them out and not have to worry about them anymore. It's time to kick them out of the nest and watch them fly!

{All photos are personal photos}


  1. They look super fun! Your guests are going to be so excited to get them.

  2. they look fantastic, i love them!! It's the BEST feeling getting those save the dates out and off your mind. Congrats!

  3. I love your save the dates! They look amazing. Congratulations on getting those done. I can't wait to see your invites now!