Friday, April 15, 2011

Strike A Pose!

Since the time I got engaged, I have always wanted a photobooth. I want one like Aladdin wants Jasmine, like the Cookie Monster wants cookies, like the Little Mermaid wants legs, like... well, you get the point.

The thing is, photobooths are EXPENSIVE and I just cannot afford one in the budget. So.. I turned to the diy land and settled on a "faux-to-booth".

Basically.. I'm going to hang up a black backdrop (maybe with some twinkle lights) and I'm going to set up some lights as well as set out a prop table. The tricky part was to figure out how to get the photos taken.

I have a friend that I went to high school with and she just started a photography business with her cousin. She agreed to be my faux-to-booth photographer for super cheap as long as she can use them in a portfolio!! She's going to bring her own professional camera and take three sets of different pictures of each person/group that comes into the fauxtobooth (that way it's SIMILAR to the real thing). Then she is going to burn me a CD with all the images and I'm going to also put them on a photosharing site for all the guests, too. 

I'm super excited... I've heard how awesome and fun these can be at weddings and I may not get a REAL photobooth, but this works all the same in my eyes.. I know I'll still get some GREAT pictures!

Did anyone else go a cheaper route to get what you wanted?


  1. that's a great idea and so wonderful that she is willing to do this for you! Can't wait to hear how that turns out!

  2. That is very exciting that you have a friend willing to do it on the cheap. I want a faux-a-booth but I still haven't figured out how to take/print the pictures.