Thursday, April 28, 2011

Down the Aisle

A couple years ago, I came across some music that I fell in love with and knew that I wanted to use it for my bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to.

The melody in the song is so pretty and gives me chills at times. It's actually called "First Kiss (Veronica's Theme) by George Fenton, but this is the only youtube video I could find of it.

I just hope it's long enough for them to walk out to, if not.. I'll tell them to book it down the aisle. LOL!


  1. that is seriously sooo gorgeous!! omgoodness I've just listened to it like 5 times over and over again. Great find, thanks for sharing!

  2. Just popped over from the Bee!

    What a beautiful melody; I love it! Maybe if it's not long enough, you could loop it so it plays through twice? Just a thought :)