Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flower Power

Yesterday Derrick and I drove nearly 3 hours to having two meeting with two different florists. I took some inspiration pictures in with me and talked about color schemes and what was in season.

I've only gotten quotes from 1 of them so far, the other one is suppose to e-mail me sometime today, though. I know who I felt more at ease with and who I feel really caught the look I was going for (it's probably who we are going with, too.)

I took the following inspiration pictures with me:

The first florist we sat down with actually took the time to ask me what I liked in each different bouquet and then if a certain flower wasn't in season, she came up with another flower to get that look. For example, as most of you know.. peonies, they aren't in season in November. But, there is a garden rose to give you that fluffy look.

So, what we came up with was for my bouquet to be a mix of pink and white flowers using garden roses, hydrangeas, orchid, lisianthis and a little bit of greenery. Then the bridesmaids would be smaller and different shades of pink with no white. Also, they'd be similar to mine, just without the orchid (orchids are EXPENSIVE) and instead they would have amaryllis which have the look of an orchid but are actually a lilly. The junior bridesmaids would just be a smaller version of the bridesmaids. As for the boutonnieres Derrick would have an orchid that matches the orchid in my bouquet and the groomsmen would have an amaryllis to match what is in the bridesmaids bouquet.

Now, the second meetings we felt very rushed and she didn't really seem like she took the time to find out what I really wanted. She kept pushing me towards putting blue in the bouquets since our wedding colors are blue and brown and I kept saying no. Not to mention, she never bothered to tell me what flowers that are out of season could be replaced with, I actually had to bring them up (thankfully I knew what flowers to bring up thanks to the first meeting.) She didn't really seem to grasp what I was looking for and really pushed us to do centerpieces through them. I'm pretty sure they are going to blow our budget out of the water, though.

I'll let you all know how it goes. How did florist meetings go with you all? Did anyone feel rushed through them?

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  1. I also had two meetings on the same day. The first one didn't go well, she wasn't getting a grasp of what I wanted and didn't have the right approach either, she was too distracted watching her husband putting bunches of flowers together. It was actually quite frustrating as she wasn't interested enough. Because the meeting wasn't going anywhere in the end we rushed her to give us a quote. In the second meeting I knew she was the right one to go with.