Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Day Blog Challeng- Day #4

Your Favorite Book

Life Laughs by Jenny McCarthy

"Sometimes you just have to laugh.
If your hair is always perfect; if you always have an umbrella when it rains; or if you are never, ever late, this is not the book for you. If, however, you sometimes wake up feeling fat, are late for work, are gossiped about, are screamed at by your children, and are not fully adored and nurtured by your beloved, then this is the book for you. Life doesn’t always work out the way we plan. There are good surprises and there are bad surprises. Jenny McCarthy, the New York Times bestselling author of Baby Laughs and Belly Laughs, told you the truth about childbirth and about the first year of mommyhood. Now she’s telling the truth about learning to juggle it all: work, motherhood, romance, sex; and even what to do when a relationship just isn’t working anymore. She doesn’t have all of the answers, but she knows what it’s like to be a modern woman in a mixed-up world—and she’s not holding back.
With outrageously funny musings on faking it, what to do when your man thinks your friend is a bitch, hiding the Visa bill, and what to do when you turn into your parents, Life Laughs is the perfect book for those days when you just want to crawl back into bed, the days you want to raise a glass with friends, and anytime you just want to giggle." (Product Description from

I'm not married (yet!) nor do I have kids, but I love love loved this book. Jenny McCarthy is so hilarious that I absolutely could not put this down! I can't wait until I'm pregnant and can read her book called "Belly Laughs" and I also can't wait to go and buy her new book "Love, Lust and Faking It".

This book is real raw and can make you cringe, but it's a totally real look at life!

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  1. Woo hoo!! 1 year away. It's starting to get serious!