Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Boredom Strikes- DIY Edition

Last Sunday night, boredom sunk it when my FH spent all day watching football and the baseball playoffs. I decided to work on stamping and embossing our beverage napkins.. all 300 of them (150 blue and 150 brown). I had a little help from FH during slow moments of the games... you know, when he wasn't checking his Fantasy Football scores.

They came out so cute, were cheap and a little detail that makes me smile.

Got my supplies all lined up and ready.

Blue napkins with the embossing powder after being stamped.

TADA! My blue babies!

Brown napkins with embossing powder!

TADA! My brown babies!!

So happy together!

The whole family.. all 300 of them.
Price Breakdown:

Stamp: Michaels- $2.50
Ink: Michaels- $1.00
Emobssing Powder: Michaels- $2.70
Napkins: Card and Party Factory Outlet- $19 total.

I already had the heat embossing tool since I'm using it on many things.

Total for this project: $25.20 Not too shabby!! Plus, there is PLENTY of embossing powder left for my future projects!

Oh.. my fiance and I attended my cousin's wedding yesterday. Here's a picture of us from the day!


  1. I love those! They look so good. Now I'm trying to figure out where I could incorporate that.

  2. You have way more DIY patience than I do!