Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Boredom Strikes- DIY Edition #2

I saw numerous posts on weddingbee about these DIY bling shoes. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love anything and everything that sparkles, so I had to try these out. After a trip to the mall, I found a pair of black heels on clearance for $5 and decided to give it a whirl. I then made my numerous trips to Michael's with my 50% off coupons and bought hundred upon hundreds upon hundreds of crystals and a tube of glue.

I got home that night and went to work on my fabulous shoes.

Four days and 20 hours later, my first shoe was done after some nips and tuck here and there.

Want to see?

Before picture of shoe.

Before picture: both shoes

In process of putting on the crystals.

I added a blue satin bow to the back.

Side view! I handsewn some crystals to the ankle straps.

Whole completed shoe!

A labor of love.

Aren't they super duper pretty?!

Ah yes, I love them so. Problem is, they don't necessarily go with the dress I have picked out, I have a hard time walking in heels and they make Derrick (my FH) and I almost the same height.

What did I do?

I made another pair of shoes that had a smaller heel and went with my dress more. Yes, I made another pair of shoes.. but we'll save that for another post.

I'm still going to wear these shoes for some pictures since I love them oh so much, though. That's right, I'm a two shoe bride.... well, 3 if you count the white flip flops I'm going to change into at the reception, lol.

Also, there is something I'm super excited about that might be going on soon (well 2 things I'm super excited about right now).. but for now, it's staying between Derrick and myself (no, I'm not preggers).. but I can't wait to share with you all when it's finalized and happening!! =)


  1. I love them!! I only wish that I had the patience to do the same thing.

  2. Ditto Heather! I sooo don't have the patience. Wow! I'm impressed.

  3. Wait a minute, you found those cute shoes for $5? Score! They look great all blinged out. Nice job!

  4. Thanks ladies! They definitely took a lot of time and patience.

    Leana- Yeah, I totally found them for $5. I randomly went into Debs one day at the mall and there they were on clearance for $5 and only one pair left in my size! It was meant to be, lol!

  5. Holy bling! LOVE them!