Saturday, October 30, 2010

When Boredom Strikes- DIY Edition #3

I made my bling shoes when I was going to be wearing a different dress. Since ordering my new dress, I figured I needed something that went with it just a little bit more than the bling shoes. Plus, I'm only a few inches shorted than Derrick and those bling shoes have 3 inch heels. (I will, however, wear the bling shoes for some pictures).

Anyways, this sent me on another DIY mission and I made some Louboutin inspired kitten heel shoes!! I bought a $5 pair of white kitten heels that I came across at Shoe Carnival and then I bought some white ribbon and white fabric and white thread. I cut out petal shaped bases and individual petals out of the fabric and handsewn them on to a stip of white ribbon. I then sewed then ribbon onto the toe of the shoe and made a piece of ribbon to go around my ankle and tie in a bow in the back. Here's how it turned out.

The shoe before:

 The completed shoe (excuse my pasty pale legs!)

Both of the completed shoes!

Completed shoes!

They are so cute and fun to wear!!


  1. Those are way fun. I love it! You could open an etsy shop.

  2. Aww, thanks!! I actually do have one, but there isn't much on it, yet!

  3. Wow.... Those are A-DOR-ABLE! Im so super impressed (and a little jealous of your crafty-ness...hehe)