Monday, November 1, 2010

Holy Cow! --- A Detailed List.

My wedding is in one year and 11 days (to be exact) from today!! Since November marks my one year month, I decided to make a list of things that I need to do. I'm sure I'll add things as I think about them and cross them off as they are done.

Looking at how big the list is almost makes me sick to my stomach.. lol!

  • Decide if we want to write our own vows.
  • Design programs and make them.
  • Purchase sand ceremony frame.
  • Purchase sand for sand ceremony.
  • Make white feather wreaths for aisle decor.
  • Paint monogram on aisle runner.
  • Obtain marriage license.
  • Meet with Priest.
  • Choose readings.
  • Choose songs.
  • Attend pre-marital classes.
  • Decide on something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
  • Choose order of the wedding party.
  • Figure out how to incorporate Derrick's mom into the ceremony and honor my mother that has passed away.
  • Come up with hand ceremony reading. 
  • Make bubbles.
  • Design invitations.
  • Make invitations.
  • Mail invitations.
  • Choose bridal party.
  • Buy items for altar decor.
  • Finish making crepe paper roses for centerpieces.
  • Put together all the centerpieces (square vases and martini glasses.)
  • Order and make LED throwies for centerpieces and paper lanterns.
  • Order paper lanterns.
  • Buy table clothes
  • Buy table runners
  • Buy/get icicle lights.
  • Buy blue uplights/wall washes.
  • Design photo guest book.
  • Design decor for guest book table.
  • Make decor for guest book table. (fabric string balls.)
  • Design decor for cake table.
  • Design decor for gift table.
  • Make card photo box.
  • Make chair sashes.
  • Stamp cocktail napkins.
  • Gocco dinner napkins.
  • Purchase silverware.
  • Purchase plates.
  • Purchase cups.
  • Design head table.
  • Choose cake design.
  • Have cake tasting.
  • Buy vases for centerpieces.
  • Buy guest book pen.
  • Make and order photo share cards.
  • Make favors.
  • Purchase cake topper.
  • Bling out cake topper.
  • Buffet table decor.
  • Choose dances.
  • Make a must play and a do not play list for dj.
  • Choose table locations.
  • Make specialty drink list for bar.
  • Get beer for the bar.
  • Choose caterer.
  • Have a food tasting.
  • Pay caterer deposit.
  • Buy drinks.
  • Etch wedding party glasses.
  • Buy cake serving set.
  • Book photobooth if budget allows for it!
  • Dye petals tiffany blue for flower girl.
  • Make 5 bridesmaids bouquets.
  • Make bridal bouquet.
  • Make toss bouquet.
  • Make coursage for FMIL
  • Make bouts for 5 groomsmen.
  • Make bout for groom.
  • Make 2 bouts for ushers.
  • Make 2 bouts for fathers.
  • Make bout for ring bearer.
  • Groom
  • Buy bridesmaid gifts.
  • Buy groomsmen gifts.
  • Buy gifts for parents.
  • Decide on and order grooms cake.
  • Buy flower girl gift.
  • Buy ring bearer gift.
Rehearsal Dinner
  • PLAN!!!
  • Serve Grooms cake
  • Decorate reception hall.
  • Pass out bridal party gifts.
  • Decide on food.
  • Book room blocks.
  • Decide if I want to rent a hotel room before the wedding for myself and bridal party.
  • Reserve room for the day before the wedding.
  • Reserve room for the wedding night.
  • Make list of items to use in bridal suite..

Misc. To-Do
  • Make emergency kits.
  • Make vendor lists with contact info.
  • Plan honeymoon.
  • Make honeymoon deposit.
  • Make checklists for packing for wedding weekend.
  • Make checklist for honeymoon.
  • Plan getting ready outfit.
  • Hire Hair dresser.
  • Pick out hair style.
  • Hire makeup artist.
  • Schedule hair trial.
  • Schedule makeup trial.
  • Book photographer.
  • Pay photographer deposit.
  • Schedule engagement shoot.
  • Pick location for engagement shoot.
  • Pick outfit for engagement pictures.
  • Choose a location for "First Look".
  • Choose locations for pictures on the wedding day.
  • Make a diet and workout plan.
  • Pick our wedding dress.
  • Order wedding dress.
  • Get alterations.
  • Pick out bridesmaids dresses.
  • Order bridesmaids dresses
  • Order brooch for bridesmaids dresses.
  • Buy shoes.
  • Buy purse.
  • Buy bridal jewelry.
  • Buy veil.
  • Make/buy hair fascinator.
  • Buy hoisery.
  • Buy garters.
  • Make ring bearer pillow.
  • Choose BM accessories or let them pick their own.
  • Make an appt for beauty treatments (hair color/highlights, hair trim, eyebrow wax).
  • Make "Thank You" Parasol.
  • Design thank you cards.
  • Send out thank you cards (after the wedding.)
  • Register for gifts.
  • Attend bridal shower.
  • Attend bachelorette party.
  • Pick out wedding bands.
  • Research on how to change name.
  • Choose tuxedos.
  • Make list for groomsmen and bridesmaids for duties.
  • Make water bottle labels.
  • Make handpainted wine glasses for BMs.
  • Make wedding week and wedding day schedules.
  • Get tips together for vendors.
  • Book DJ.
  • Pay DJ deposit.
  • Book videographer.
  • Pay videographer deposit.
  • Pay off balance to vendors.
  • Arrange for mail to be held when on honeymoon.
  • Fill out photo shot list and give to photographer.
  • Send folders to bridal party with wedding info.
  • Pick flower girl dress.
  • Rent limo.
  • Purchase Gocco.
  • Purchase paper for invites.
  • Book reception hall.
  • Pay deposit for reception hall.
  • Book church.
  • Make guest list.
  • Get addresses.
  • Make flower girl parasol.
  • Get parasols for bridesmaids and myself.
  • Buy envelopes for invites.
  • Buy wax seal for invites.
  • Buy bakers twin for invites.
  • Buy embossing tool and powder.

For now, I'm off of here to clean up the townhouse some, make some more crepe paper flowers, go to the gym and watch Gossip Girl!

Oh yeah... and in three days the most awesomest friend in the whole entire world is visiting me!!!!

Cue the excitement!


  1. Wow. That list gave me heart palpatations.

    I have a long list too (although probably not that long/specific). Every time I think I've crossed a lot of stuff off my list, I realize that I'm just lying to myself.

    Good luck!

  2. LOL! Thanks! I have to have a very detailed list or I'll completely forget about something!

  3. Wow, that is one long detailed list! You have a year so plenty of time to tackle it all. Good luck!