Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes, I'm THAT Crazy!

I have lost my mind.

I've found some pictures of some beauties and the wheels in my head started turning. (Well.. they started turning AFTER I was quoted for over $300 for ONE bouquet!..)

Ready to ohhh and ahhh with me?

Oh yes.






And guess what those are? Oh yeah... CLAY FLOWERS! Aren't they amazing!! Yeah, I thought so, too. And I also found THIS bouquet, that I actually got the quote on...

So, what did I do since this was WAYYY out of the budget? I googled. And then I googled some more.

Know what I found? TUTORIALS!! OH YES! I actually realized that they really aren't all that much different than my crepe paper flowers that I have mastered over the past couple months. They are practically the same thing, if not a little easier since it's clay.

I thought to myself.. "Self.. you could TOTALLY do that and make your own bouquet and bridesmaids and bouts.. OH MY!" And you know what, I can! I know I can because I've actually made a couple clay roses in college!!

So.. I ordered some clay today. That's right.. it's ordered, there is no stopping me now! Except, now I just have to wait for it to arrive here from Hawaii. lol. But best believe that as soon as I get that package.. I'm ripping it open and giving it a go. Then I'll be right back here posting pictures for you all! I'm awesome like that.

You can thank me later for the bouquet porn. =D


  1. Those are gorgeous! Clay? First time I've heard of clay flowers.

  2. Those are gorgeous! AND i love the original bouquet you got quoted on...I haven't met with any florists yet...if you don't mind me asking, what was it about that bouquet that knocked it up to $300? (Because if I get quoted that much, I may just have to ask you where you bought your clay, LOL).

  3. Are you serious? I am shocked that those are clay! They're gorgeous! Good luck!

  4. $300 for a bouquet? That seems pretty high. In Vancouver I was quoted between $150 to around $175 for my bouquet. However, the clay flowers look amazing!! I hope you'll post a tutorial for us!

  5. Those are GORGEOUS! And I can totally hear you saying, "Self..." haha, dork!

  6. Those are absolutely stunning bouquets!! I can NOT believe that quote though!! Terrifying. Let us know how the clay goes :)

  7. So pretty! I hope you post tutorials after you make them!