Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fool Me Once..

Why is it that certain people feel the need to try to scam you out of money when the word "wedding" is associated. As most of you know (if not.. it's back towards the beginning of this blog), I'm having my bridesmaids dresses custom made. I searched high and low for a brooch that would look the best for the dress.

A woman on etsy actually contacted me saying that she makes these brooches that are pretty much what I'm looking for and she'd give them to me for the low low price of $22 each....

Pretty, right?

It's okay to drool, I did a little, too.

Anyways, she was kinda fishy about it all and never had these brooches that she claimed to make in her etsy shop. Plus, she said she only had 3 of them and would be a couple weeks before she could make more and tried to sell me ones I didn't like.  Not to mention, I thought the price seemed to be pretty steep considering I saw ones that were almost EXACT as these on e-bay for about $8-12 a piece.

So.. I contacted the seller on e-bay and asked if they had any brooches like these since they sold some that were very similar.

Know what they said?

THEY DO!  They told me that they carry that brooch but that it's currently out of stock. BUT.. if I were ordering more than 3, they could put a request in at the factory and the lead time would be about 2 weeks. Not only that, but they told me the price on the would be $10.95 each and that was INCLUDING the shipping! The lady on etsy was trying to charge me DOUBLE that and say that she handmakes them. PSH!

Needless to say, I have ordered my bridesmaids their brooches for their dresses from the e-bay seller (who has a SUPER high feedback number!)

Anyone else have people try to scam them when purchasing items?

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  1. That's awful, I'm sorry you're dealing with that! I wasn't scammed but I wasn't told the entire truth about the services my DJ offered when we first met, and it ended up we had to pay more money two weeks before our wedding to ensure we had ceremony music. Ugh, good thing you checked on e-bay. Sorry girl, good to ask all the questions you have though. Happy planning for the rest of it!