Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take the Vow to Be A Real Woman.

I've noticed throughout the blogs on here and as well as other sites that it seems that everyone is trying to get healthy and lose weight. Don't get me wrong, I am, too, and I fully support those that are seeking to be healthy individuals.

But sometimes I feel that we all get too wrapped up into what we WANT to look like and sometimes we don't stop to celebrate the things that we DO love about ourselves. I know when I look in the mirror, I focus on all the bad things about myself and often (okay, everytime) I overlook all the things that make me me, those things that I love and wouldn't change about myself.

We all do it, we see a picture of a model or celeb in a magazine and think to ourselves "I wish I could look like that".. but what we need to realize is that what we are seeing is, in most cases, a photoshopped version of somebody.

We all have our own body issues, but I think we need to celebrate who we are right now more often. We need to take a vow to be a real women and to realize that we ARE beautiful. It makes me sick to my stomach when I read stuff on the internet about how in today's society Marilyn Monroe would be considered "plus sized", "overweight", full figured".. .really, google it. She had curves and she wasn't afraid to rock them, you can't help but admire that. There is a reason that she is still to this day considered such an icon.

So, will you take the vow with me? Will you vow to be a real woman with real curves and real confidence? Spread the word to promote genuine confidence, positive ideas and happiness about who we are as we are. Lets help each other to become the positive role models to those younger girls that are growing up around us.

I would love for each and every one of you reading this post to comment with at LEAST one thing that you like/love about yourself. Help us support each other in becoming truly happy with who we are.



  1. I'm a runner, so I have great legs.

    Everyone tells me I have naturally fantastic eyebrows.

    And I love my boobs :) If I lost weight, those would probably disappear.

  2. I love my boobs! I love my lips! I love my arms!

  3. Here, here! I will never be a skinny minnie, but I've run marathons and I've done Ironman, so I love that my body is strong and has the endurance to make me go far.

  4. I love my stomach. I also love my collar bone... I know that's weird but I have a fabulous collar bone and decent shoulders so I look great in strapless dresses

    Great post. Love all the love :D