Monday, November 29, 2010

Dress Help!

I keep going back and forth on a dress piece and I could really use the opinions.

As many of you know, I'm getting my wedding dress custom made that is inspired by a Maggie Sottero dress. (I think I've decided to scratch the big bow on the shoulder and just do the crystals.)

Anyways.. this is the dress that inspired it (for a reminder).

All photos courtesy of Maggie Sottero.

Now, my new debate (since I settle the bow or no bow debate.. I think).. is the bottom of the dress. It's not going to have that little train on it and the corset back is going to be high, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to leave the bottom the way it is in the picture of if I want some added pizazz.

My new bottom inspiration (photos courtesy of Maggie Sottero and.. google images, lol).

Please just pay attention to the bottom of the dresses (I know, there are 5 of them, but I wanted to get the full feel of them.) And here is a picture I pasted together of the top of the dress and bottom (plus excuse the hack job of cutting and pasting, lol.. it was a lot harder than I thought!)

So... to ruffle or not to ruffle.. that is the question...


  1. Ummm.... I think I really like the ruffle. But that may be my bias. It's so fun!

  2. I loved that Maggie dress just how it is - i couldnt get it in Australia, so i just bought a different dress, but i prefer the non-ruffle!

  3. I'd suggest talking to your seamstress to see how comfortable she would be with making the ruffled bottom. Personally when I tried on layered tulle I didn't care for it, but it is such a personal decision! Good luck!

  4. Have you tried on a dress with a ruffled bottom? Sometimes it can swallow up a bride. I like the ruffles though because they are fun!

  5. LOL! I was just thinking yesterday about going to try one on with the ruffled bottom before I commit. I mean.. I'm sure it won't swallow me up because I'm pretty tall and have the hips for it, but I still want to be sure. I just have to find a place that carries a dress with a ruffled bottom like that, lol.

    Thanks for all the tips and suggestions, girls!

  6. I love the ruffles!!!! That being said, take Miss Tattoo's advice and try on a dress with a ruffled skirt. There were so many styles that I loved in magazines that just didn't look good on my body type. Keep us updated!