Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When Boredom Strikes- DIY Edition #4

I want to introduce you all to the process that is my centerpieces.

I'm still working on making flowers for them, but I'm so excited about the way they are turning out!

All these are personal photos taken by myself.

Delivery of our vases! WOO!

Unfortunately, two of them broke during shipment. =(

What was left!! 18- 4x4x4 square vases and 2- 5x5x5 square vases (for the head table.)

Getting the flowers ready for construction!

My work station.

My crepe paper roses.

Centerpieces in the process of being completed. I filled the vases up with a mixture of poly pellets and colorfill vase filler. I also used floral foam blocks to stick the crepe paper flowers in.

Getting closer to being complete.


Isn't it lovely?

Side view!

They aren't 100% complete (I only have 2 out of 20 done), we are going to put LED's in the vases so the cubes will slowly change colors during the whole reception! How awesome, right?!


  1. Lovely indeed! Those are really pretty.

  2. those are super pretty! I like how simple they are and I like the square vases a lot. they are very timeless!
    ~Tova (www.tova-add.blogspot.com)
    aka vistagirl on weddingbee :)

  3. Those are beautiful! I can't imagine how amazing they'll be with the lights!!