Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello Wedding Month!

Oh that's right.. we are officially 11 days away from the wedding! EEK! We've been planning for 22 months now and at times I felt like the wedding was never going to get here and now I'm wondering where all the time went.

So, what have I been up to in regards to wedding planning?

Well.. I had my hair and make up trials yesterday. I drove all the way to Cincinnati (a 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live now) on Sunday night so I could get up early for my trials. Was I a good blogger and took pictures? NOPE!!

I will tell you that I LOVED my hair and makeup artists. They were SO nice and sweet and so funny to talk to. I felt completely at ease the moment I met them which really helped. They really listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly! So, since I didn't get pictures, I'll share my inspiration pictures with you.

First up, my make up inspiration:

Now I know people say you should go for a natural look for your wedding, but believe me when I say this is natural for me, lol. In my real life, I do the bolder eyeshadow colors and such so if I showed up to our first look with browns and neutral colors, Derrick would give me the wtf? look.  The makeup artist did a fabulous job with executing this look and it really made my eyes pop. After the makeup trial my BFF and I got in the car did a little fist bump (while saying "onto the next".. a little Ghost Hunters joke we do). And drove to my hair trial.

Here are the inspiration pictures I gave the hair stylist:

So I handed over my clip in extensions (I have fine and thin hair, so I needed them) and she went to work. I did tell her before she started that I wanted volume and I wanted it to make my face look thinner and not rounder (I have a round face and I'm self conscious about it.) I also told her I wanted swoop bangs to cover a couple scars I have on my forehead (even though the makeup artist covered them up for the most part).

She pretty much did a style similar to the second picture I posted (of Eva) but with swoop bangs and not the center part, she said with the curls in the back higher, it balances out the face and she made it poofy bc the bigger the hair, the smaller the face. I wish I would have taken pictures because it's hard to explain... but trust me, it looked fabulous! It was a pain in the butt to take the bobbi pins and extensions out last night, though, lol.

I couldn't find my hair fascinator ANYWHERE, though and I tore apart the whole apartment looking for it. Derrick moved some wedding stuff to his parents house till the wedding, so I'm hoping when we start decorating for the reception that it'll turn up. *fingers crossed*


  1. It's crazy! I'm too overwhelmed to be excited right now. Next week I might be more excited. I'm sooo looking forward to your recaps and all the pictures! Woot!! Woot!!

    Random question: How many programs did you make?

  2. K.. I'm so overwhelmed right now, too! Ugh, I about had a mental breakdown the other day when I couldn't find my hair fascinator before my hair trial and then I continued to cry about how it's lost for about an hour.. lol. I'm so excited to see your recaps and pictures, too!

    We only made about 53 programs. We were going to make 60-75 of them total, but we ran out of paper and ink and it was a lot of money to restock those (the ink runs out SUPER fast because of the programs.. there are pictures of them on the post before this one), so we just stopped with the 53.

  3. 53 is a right fine number! I've been having a few "moments" myself. I'm starting to empathize with Bridezillas a bit more each day. LOL! Stay strong! Almost there.