Monday, November 14, 2011

Donzo! (Plus the first pro picture!)

This past Saturday was the big day and I hate to say it, but I'm a little sad that it's over. I spent nearly the last two years of my life planning this wedding and it flew by so quickly. The day turned out beautiful and I couldn't have asked for better vendors (well, there were a couple that I was none too pleased with, but we'll get into that later).

My photographer is going to get a sneak peak up within the next week and a half and also be done with my pictures in 4-5 weeks. After that, I'll begin to do recaps for you all. Trust me, I'll be back with guest pictures, though.

But, for now.. my oh so sweet and fabulous photographer was kind enough to share a picture of me and my new husband on my facebook wall the night of our wedding to hold me over until the sneak peaks.



  1. Congrgatulations, you both look so beautiful.
    p.s. it took me months to get over the post wedding sadness.

  2. Congratulations!! How pretty :)

  3. Congrats! I love the picture! You look beautiful in it! Can't wait to read more about your big day!

  4. Awww! Congrats!!! You look stunning!

  5. awww I LOVE it!! your dress looks gorgeous and your hair looks amazing! And it's such a good picture!!!