Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revealed: Invitation Suite!

Now that our invitations (all 140 of them) have been sent out into the world and I've gotten message/texts from people saying how much they loved them, I figured I would share them with you all. I'm not going to lie, after dropping these off at the post office, I had a little separation anxiety from them. I had worked MONTHS and MONTHS on these and they felt like my babies. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that separation anxiety was transferred to separation anxiety from my dress now (it's with the seamstress) and I am happy the invites are out.

So, without further ado... join with me as I present to you our invitations (also, please excuse the dark pictures, I had to take most of them with the flash off bc it was washing the cards out and sorry about the black blotches in some places.. I had to cover some information for privacy):

First up, this is what our guests will see when they get their mail. I printed every address in a light gray color and then wrote over that with a brown fine tip sharpie for that handwritten look.

I was a bad blogger here, I forgot to take a picture of our return address stamp. This is (sorta) what it looked like, I blurred our address out for privacy. We stamped it on the back of our envelopes in a brown ink.

When the envelope is GENTLY opened, our cute polka dot envelope liner (that was a pain in the butt to do) is revealed.

All the pieces (minus one.. again, bad blogger.. we had a last minute piece added and I forgot to update this picture).

Front cover. All the pages are tied together with blue and white bakers twine.

First page... some info about yours truly.

Second page.. some info about the fiance.

Third page.. some info about how we met.

Fourth page... some info about the proposal.

Fifth page.. info about us getting married.

Sixth page... the wedding invite.

All the pages were then hole punched.

If you look closely at the first few pictures, you'll see the hole punch was a lovely heart shape, like that shown above.

Our information card. Sorry, this is a screen shot because I forgot to take a picture of the card after we printed them. I know the registry this is "tacky" to some, but where I live.. it's the norm and people will get MAD if it's not included.

Front of the RSVP postcard.

Back of the RSVP postcard (I know it's hard to read on here, but it's easier in person). We did a mad lib style RSVP and I am hoping we get some awesome responses.

There you have it, our invitation suite and all the pieces that went into it. There are a lot of small details in the invites (for example, the dashes have polka dots in them). I wanted to tie the polka dots in with the wedding somehow, but not overdo it.. I think it worked perfectly.


  1. I love love love the envelopes and all the details! The heart punch is the cutest! The picture was one of my favs from your epics. Awesome! I was totes okay to see mine go though. They were taking up too much space in the house. LOL! Ack, it's so close now!

  2. So very awesome! Love that you included your whole story in the invites!

  3. they look amaaaazing! I DIE over that heart-shaped hole puncher..so wish I had one of those for my wedding!

  4. That's my fave photo on the front of the rsvp. Great job. You Americans go to so much more effort that us English, it amazes me how professional they always look. BTW, you've got lovely handwriting.