Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Charming

Sorry it's been awhile! I have great excuses, but I'll spare you. Lets just say.. my photography business has been BOOMING lately (I have 4, possibly 5, wedding booked for next year already!) and it's sucked up so much of my time lately (but I'm not complaining). But, now we're under 3 months till the wedding and this blog is about to get poppin'!

So yesterday was like Christmas Day.. I got so many goodies in the mail (I'm seriously going to be devastated when the wedding is over and I'm not getting packages in the mail anymore.. the only thing I'll be able to look forward to getting in the mail will be my Cosmo magazine once a month! LOL!)

One of the things that came in the mail were these BEAUTIFUL bouquet charms that I ordered. I ordered one of my mom who passed away when I was 2 and one of my grandma (my mom's mom who I was SUPER close with) who passed away 7 years ago. I also ordered one of Derrick's grandpa to pin inside his tux jacket so his grandpa can be close to his hear during the wedding (he was super close to his Grandpa and he passed away several years ago and it's still hard for him to talk about.)

I ordered them from ArtistoCrafty on Etsy.. seriously check out her stuff, she's super nice and has great charms! Want to see, I know you do!

Derrick's Grandpa.

My Grandma.

My beautiful Mom!

All three together.

I LOVE them and cannot wait to use them in the wedding.

I also ordered and received some Nioxin pills. 

You see, I've been having problems with my hair falling out. I use to have thick hair that grew super fast, but lately it's been thin and falling out a lot. So, I read really great reviews on these Nioxin pills and how they help your hair grow faster, thicker and stronger (and it helps your nails, too). The bottle came with 90 caplets and at one a day, they are going to last me until a little bit after the wedding! WOOT! I'll keep you updated on if I start seeing a change (I just took my first pill yesterday.)


  1. Those bouquet charms are genius! I may have to look into those! I had a lady at my work tell me to take Gelatin capsules for my hair and nails. I have been wanting my hair to grow out for the wedding and I usually don't have problems with my hair growing super fast, but for some reason lately I have, so she told me to try the gelatin capsules. I have only been taking them for about three weeks now, but I have seen a little bit of a difference. Hope the vitamins you ordered work! If they do, I may have to try those instead!

  2. Welcome back, and congrats on the photography business (mine has been slow... but that's a whole other story). That sucks about your hair. I'm petrified mine will do that some day. It's super thick right now.

  3. Great news about your photography business! Love the charms!

  4. Congrats on the booming business!! Totally missed you! I was all hey "where's my date twin plus one?". The charms are a super sweet touch.