Monday, July 25, 2011

Better Put a Ring On It!

Yesterday, my fiance and I stopped at the jewelry store where he got my engagement ring to look for wedding bands. We made a major score which made me realize that I never really took the time to blog about my ring. 

So, first up.. I'm going to share my engagement ring with you all. Derrick did a great job in picking it out himself and as many people know, I love all things sparkly and this ring is just that!

There is a natural curve to the ring in the center, so it threw the idea of having a straight wedding band. After talking to a jeweler, we realized that a contour band would be the way to go for two reasons. 1.) The contour band would curve with the engagement ring. 2.) Since it's not the same exact curve, there's a little gap between the rings.. BUT.. with the gap, it allows the diamonds on the side of the engagement ring to still show some and sparkle. I know it's kind of hard to imagine, but trust me.. when the two were put together it was bling central!

So, what band did we end up with you ask? This one:
The channel setting matches my engagement ring and the round diamonds match most of the diamonds on the engagement ring as well. They look super good together AND.. we got it for 47% off, too! WOOT!

We're eventually going to get the same band again (maybe for a 5 year anniversary) and put it on top of the engagement ring so the bands sandwich the engagement ring. I absolutely loved the rings when they were put together, but unfortunately, it had to be sent out to be sized... I'll try to get pics of them together in person in about two weeks when I'll get it back.

I also have a plan to incorporate not only the wedding band into the ceremony, but also the wedding ring with this little saying:

"As wedding rings are symbols of marriage, an engagement ring is a symbol of promise and intent. Now that the intention is realized and the promise fulfilled, Derrick will place the engagement ring above the wedding band to symbolize that the love which brought them together will always protect and sustain their marriage."

I think it's a cute little way to bring in the importance of the engagement ring into the ceremony and I don't have to worry about that pesky question of what to do with my engagement ring during the ceremony. LOVE IT!


  1. Your ring is gorgeous and the wedding band is stunning too! I really like the way you're incorporating the engagement ring into the ceremony. Genius!

  2. I love the look of two wedding bands. I have a friend that has the same plan to get the matching one for their five year anniversary. But she keeps trying to push it up to year 2 or 3 :)

    PS I changed my url update your reader to follow me now :)

  3. Very similar to my wedding band but without the curve. I got two too but they are both different!