Monday, July 11, 2011

Label Me

I wanted to make some cute water bottle labels for the wedding and found a pretty good template on the net. Sticking with the polka dot theme and the colors of our wedding, I spent a good couple hours designing these and I'm pretty stoked with how they came out.

Here are the lovelies:

So cute, right?


  1. Very cute! Nice job!

    RYN: I think I may go the Dolly route. Ugh! I have no clue really! Like, I love the top of the Justin Alexander and the bottom of the Beverlywood! And the Beverlywood bottom would look so nice with my pink petticoat! My head is going to explode!

  2. Aww I knew about the polka dots but not the aqua and chocolate, welcome to my aqua club ;)

  3. Dang girl! Those are super cute! After looking at them for awhile they totes make me want a candy bar.