Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh My Dolly!

So... I received a package in the mail Saturday morning (and yes, I stalked the tracking number like no one's business, lol).

Oh yes.. my custom made Dolly Couture dress had ARRIVED! I swear, I felt like I had given birth to a newborn baby, I was so excited! So, I did what any normal blooded bride to be would do.. I ripped that bad boy open!

I'm not even kidding you right now, how that got that much poof into that box, I will never know. It took some serious muscle to pull that garment bag out of the box! (It doesn't really help that the dress itself is like 6 inches too long... but, that's not Dolly Couture's fault, oh no.. that would be the fault of the seamstress that I PAID to professionally take my measurements. Moving on..)

Here it is hanging on my bedroom door in it's garment bag, it's so cute that they tied a little blue bow on the hanger! I wish I could have gotten the full length of the garment bag in the picture so you could have a better understanding of how poofy it is, but I could only back up so far.

Now, unfortunately for my dear readers... you're not going to get the see the dress. The reason why is because I need to have it altered to fit my body right. Remember how I saw that the professional seamstress messed up the hem length, yeah.. she messed up my chest and arm hole lengths, too. So, I need to get it altered to fit just right. Once I do, I'll be happy to share picture with you all because it is seriously a GORGEOUS dress and I couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship and design!

But, I don't want to completely leave you hanging so here's a sneak peak!


  1. Love the polka dots! Can't want to see the whole thing

  2. BOOOOO!!! I want to see the whole thing! lol

  3. OOOOO I Love the polka dots, what a little tease!! I wanted to see the rest, I'm sure its absolutely gorgeous!!