Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoe Obsession.

Last week I stumbled upon the perfect shoes for my bridesmaids on! After collecting the money from them I placed the order. (because, hey..  target had a special going on for 20% off orders of $75 or more and free shipping on orders of $50 or more).

While I was browsing for their shoes, I stumbled upon the perfect pair of heels for my bachelorette party getaway. We're going to Atlantic City (but more on that later) and it's going to be pink and zebra print themed and we're going to have at least one night out and about dressed in the theme.

So, guess what showed up at my door finally? Oh, that's right... a small box (which came in a separate shipment) and a HUGE box.

The boxes.

Inside the little box.

ZEBRA PRINT SHOES! They totally fit our zebra print theme (and my outfit, which will be another post).

Close up of one shoe.

Inside the bigger box.

Chocolate Brown Peep Toe Pumps! (Much prettier in person!)

Close Up.

The chocolate brown color matches PERFECTLY to the fabric swatch I gave to the seamstress who is making the bridesmaids dresses!

I think they go perfectly with the dresses that are being made, which can be found here. I even tried a pair on to make sure they fit true to size and to see how comfortable they are... and they are SO comfy! LOVE.


  1. Great find! Oh and I love the sketch of the dress! Isn't it all getting more and more real? Looking forward to seeing the finished product. It's going to rock!

  2. :-) I bought those zebra print shoes to wear under my wedding dress.

  3. Thanks girls!

    Miss Puppy Love- I KNEW those looked familiar. I love them and they were so cheap!! I can't wait to wear them for my bachelorette party. They'll look great under your dress!