Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RSVP Postcard

Last week I ordered some postcards from Vistaprint while they were having a sale. They were 11 cents per 100 plus the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, we needed 130 for our RSVP's, so I had to order 200. The sale was only good for the first 100 postcards, so I got sneaky and ordered 100 under my name and 100 under Derrick's name. They were suppose to arrive around May 30th, so imagine my surprise when there was two packages sitting in my mailbox yesterday!

Because of the sale, for the 200 postcards + shipping + image uploads/color, we ended up only spending about $28 on them and I'm super happy with the quality.

Here's the front of the postcard.

And the back (address blurred for privacy). I know it's hard to read the actual RSVP in the picture, but I posted the design before with the wording and it's easier to read in person than in a picture due to the flash.

I'm very happy with how they turned out and I can't wait to (hopefully) start getting some pretty good RSVP's back once we do send them out.


  1. What a great idea!!! It will be so much fun to get back the postcards :)

  2. Very cute! Vistaprint has the best sales!

  3. Ack! That's awesome! Do you have plans for displaying the responses later?

  4. LOL, I never thought about really displaying them. I might put them in a wedding scrapbook or something. Hmm..

  5. Those are soo cute, and you got a great deal!

  6. Thought I'd commented already it must not have worked :(
    The front of the postcard was one of my fave photos from your e-shoot.