Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Engagement Pictures!

I'm finally able to post our amazing engagement pictures! I'm so excited about these because we wanted a somewhat urban feel to most of them and our photographer delivered!

So, here they are.. well, some of them. ENJOY!

This alley started out smelling like laundry detergent and right before we were done, it started smelling like poo. Thankfully, our photographer didn't capture any pictures with a crinkled up nose and if she did, she didn't show me. LOL!

Oh, don't mind us, we're just making out in this alley.

I'm still upset with him that he didn't change his shoes! UGH!

This picture makes me laugh for some reason. It was so unbelievably windy that day and I had so many issues with my hair flying everywhere.

My attempt at the "serious face".

Oh, don't mind us again.. we're just going to kiss in this parking garage. lol!

See? He had to hold my hair down. I got quite a few pictures like this in different poses, but I think they are cute.

LOVE! My fiance is a BIG Cincinnati Reds fan so we had to get in a shot with the Great American Ballpark in the background.

All images are courtesy of Amanda Donaho Photography. She is seriously super sweet and I can't wait for her to photograph our wedding!


  1. Yay! My faves are the second one of you in the alley (hot hot hot - feel like I need fanning down looking at the both of you) and the second pic of the ballpark in the background.

  2. Those are some dang hot pictures! Smoking!

  3. They look fantastic! And don't worry - we all love to makeout in random alleys!

  4. The last three are my favorites but all of them are so good! You definitely accomplished that urban feel. Loves it!