Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pictures That Make Me Smile #1

This past weekend I shot a wedding and also a Baptism. I love lots of images from both, but there was one from the Baptism that I took of a mother and daughter that just warmed my heart.

(Personal Photo)

I just love the emotion in the picture! I almost missed it, too.. the little girl moved not even a second after I snapped the picture. 

Pictures like this is why I love what I do and makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Beautiful photo! I am a new follower and loving your blog. Would love for you to stop by mine and offer any advice on my wedding planning..Hope you had a great day!!

  2. That is such a gorgeous photo. I'm sure it will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

  3. That is gorgeous. Congratulations!

  4. That is a fantastic picture! I bet that woman is so insanely happy you caught that moment for her